[Color Filter] New exercicie with Web Template

We have added a new version of the color filter exercise using web templates.

Example Video

Any comment that helps us improve it is welcome!

Exercise: https://jderobot.github.io/RoboticsAcademy/exercises/ComputerVision/color_filter

did you update the docker image?
because this command

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -p 7681:7681 -p 2303:2303 -p 1905:1905 -p 8765:8765 --device /dev/vide0:/dev/video0 jderobot/robotics-academy python3.8 manager.py   

is giving error.

Maybe its because of the typo in ‘vide0’ ? --device /dev/vide0:/dev/video0
Or if your laptop doesn’t have a webcam, that also might be a cause

Sorry, there was an error in the documentation on the exercise page. It has been fixed. You can visit it to see the necessary steps (https://jderobot.github.io/RoboticsAcademy/exercises/ComputerVision/color_filter).

Also update the docker image with the latest one.

If you have any problem, please comment it,