Issue 814: FollowLine exercise for ROS1-Noetic and Gazebo-11


I’m working on the above issue. After making changes to dockerfile to use ROS noetic and Gazebo 11, I’m facing an issue

E: Unable to locate package ros-noetic-jderobot-drones
E: Unable to locate package ros-noetic-mav-msgs

Both packages are not available for noetic (jderobot-drones package and mav_msgs package)

Is there any plan for noetic release of jderobot-drones? And for mav_msgs there is an open issue for Noetic support from July 2020, but no update.

By commenting those 2 installs and some other changes, I’m able to proceed with docker image creation.

Hello @Suhas-G,

We are planning to release noetic jderobot-drones in the following weeks. Mav-msgs just contains msgs definitions, so melodic version might work over noetic version.

However, both packages are not required to run the FollowLine exercise, so you can proceed with the docker image.

Thanks. I’ll continue working on it.