Issue 833 : Performance Issue in RADI

So I recently build the latest RADI from the docker file. I was doing the Drone cat Exercise but sadly I was getting very Low FPS(around 4.8 FPS). My system does have a Nvidia gtx1650 GPU which I think isn’t being utilized. Running the same simulation without using any web templates is giving 58 - 60 FPS.
The performace Drop in Web Templates is huge and is better do the exercises without web Templates.

Are there any Alternatives to improve the performance in web Templates. I have been researching on this topic but could not find a solution

HI @Jovian-Dsouza ,

performance is always something to improve in RoboticsAcademy. Currently there are four points to enhance:

  1. activate GPU usage of the host machine from the RADI. Related to issue 737. This will be useful for users with nVidia graphics cards, both for Linux and for Microsoft Windows users.
  2. refactor to be truly parallel. This way it will take benefit from the multicores of the host machine. Related to issue 727
  3. instead to launching TWO x11vnc servers (one for gzclient and another for the console terminal), refactor console terminal to be launched at the same x11vnc . Related to issue 800.
  4. set Real Time Factor of Gazebo to 1, instead of running at fast as possible

2-3-4 will be addessed this week, @sakshay_m is working on them. Help on 1 is welcome

Okay @jmplaza , Thanks for the clarification. Seems like xvfb XWindow server is not utilizing the GPU.

Anyways I was able to solve the exercise using and then running the exercise using roslaunch

docker run -it --rm \
	-v ${XSOCK}:${XSOCK} \
	-v ${HOME}/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority \
	--privileged  --net=host --gpus all \
    --name academy_drone_cat_mouse \
	docker_academy:latest /bin/bash

Btw , What’s the purpose of using Web Templates when the simulation can be ran directly ?

instead of Xvfb we should use Xorg in dummy configuration and explore the true use of GPU from the docker in case of your host machine has a nVidia graphics card…

The main purpose of WebTemplates is to simplify the RoboticsAcademy usage for the students: just install the RADI and use it from your favorite browser (for editing your source code and also for the GUI of your running solution to each exercise).

All the software dependencies of the exercises, including ROS, Gazebo simulator, etc. are already preinstalled inside the RADI. The students don’t have to take care about any further installation.

In addition, this design makes it cross-platform so not only Linux users, but also MS-Windows and MacOS users may enjoy RoboticsAcademy.

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