[Meta] Trade-offs of a devel branch

What is the organization’s outlook on maintaining a devel branch? The idea is that we only accept PR’s into devel and allow a short gestation period before merging new commits from the devel into master. This might be useful for scenarios where the commits affect several files. The downside could possibly be the requirement of additional time and effort in testing. This is similar to an opportunity cost- is it worth it?

Hi @trunc8 ,

for RoboticsAcademy we follow a short gestation period. For each issue a new branch is created, the improvements are programmed there and the Pull-Request generated from it over the fresh master branch. The specific branch for an issue should be up-to-date with the master branch, this way it is easier to merge. Fast issue+pull_request cycles are strongly recommended.

This has proven to be a good policy so far.

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