Problem with installation on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi everyone, I’m Shreyas :grin:

i am following installation process as given on this page to install academy software.
My Ros distro is (noetic), UBUNTU 20.04.
i was able to complete the steps till installation of Ros middleware.
But JdeRobot Base source is giving me this error

Can anyone guide me how should i proceed with the environment setup.

Also on the website news section I saw that
" JdeRobot-base and JdeRobot-assets are now deprecated. Our toolkit is now fully ROS-based!."
So should i even install them or not , if not how should i set it up.
Thanks !!

Hi @shreyas2000,

you don’t have to install ROS source code in a native way. Just follow the directions for RoboticsAcademy 2.3. As specified in that web page:

  1. Install the RADI (Robotics-Academy Docker Image) on your machine
  2. Copy/clone the Robotics-Academy source code repository on your machine.

The most up to date installation recipe is here


Okay so i’m very new to docker and have few questions if you could answer.
1)by running RADI can we only run web based exercise. I was unable to use roslaunch with it.

  1. we can use docker volume/mount to edit the source code of image and then re render it in our container .


The Robotics Academy Docker containers are designed in a way to only run the web based exercises. However, since it contains all exercise dependencies(including ROS), you may be able to use roslaunch with it, after some tweaking.

Hi! Few more questions please :slightly_smiling_face:

So are all the exsisting exercises converted to web based exercises?
For upcoming projects and gsoc , are we going to build that in web too?


as you may see here, currently we have four exercises already available as web exercises (FollowLine, ObstacleAvoidance, VacuumCleaner, LocalizedVacuumCleaner). The plan is to migrate all the exercises to web (>= 2.3 release of RoboticsAcademy).

You may also see this trend in the open issues of RoboticsAcademy.