Project #9:exercise on Localization using Particle Filters

Hi, this is mayank,
I am interested in the Project of Developing a new Exercise for localisation of Robot through Lidar or RGBD camera. i have some previous experience with Ros and Navigation Stack. i have a question.

Normally, we use wheel odometry, IMU sensor and visual sensors data for localisation but in draft it was written to use only laser Sensor. Is AMCl localisation approach correct for this?
Thank you

Hi @mayank,

yes, the exercise will be designed to learn ACML localization, using a noisy odometry, the laser sensor and the environment map.

Feel free to work on it, but that is the proposal for JdeRobot-GSoC2021. The selected candidate will work on it :slight_smile: and we have an specific candidate selection procedure for GSoC. Anyway that exercise is something we would like to integrate into RoboticsAcademy, if you want to work on it outside GSoC-2021 from now, your contributions are welcome too. In that case, it is a good starting point to get familiar with the RoboticsAcademy, solve some available exercises on it and study the source code of the RoboticsAcademy itself.


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