Rqt_drone_teleop: qfi import error with docker


I am Utkarsh and I am going to participate in GSoC21.
However, while using RADI, I am getting qfi import error for rqt_drone_teleop.

I understand that there is a cpp library for this, but I don’t see it exposed in the python libraries when I searched for it.

What should I do?

Drone-Cat-mouse exercise in RoboticsAcademy 2.3 is still a Work-In-Progress. It is almost ready (demo video), but not yet. Be patient :slight_smile:

Well, isn’t there any way to make it run with RADI? I see the only issue is that qfi has to be exposed in the python library.

Hi @UtkarshMishra04

As @jmplaza said, drones exercises are not available yet in v2.3. It will be available soon and it won’t use rqt_drone_teleop tool.